Floods Pty Ltd is a modern manufacturing company having its background in automotive, electrical and building products. Three generations of the Flood family have been in manufacturing industry since 1907. The founder James Flood senior worked for the legendary C.S Rolls before he joined with Royce to become the famous Rolls Royce Company. The regard for quality instilled by Rolls has endured ever since.

Floods Pty Ltd manufactures a complete range of electrical conduit pipe fittings and adaptors, backing plates for wall switches, approved bracket for house electrical connections for Victoria, cable unreeling stands and cable covers for cable protection.

Floods Pty Ltd also manufacture a range of brass garden sprinklers that have been made since 1923 when they were first patented. Since then the designs have hardly changed.

Skylights were first manufactured by Floods in 1995 and now include leadlight and period style timber frame. All roof types can be fitted with a floodlight skylight.

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